Best Natural & Organic Lipstick

These are the best natural and organic lipstick brands – some have been my personal favorites for years, others I’ve discovered more recently. With the “green” cosmetics market expanding faster than you can say “natural”, there probably will be a few more awesome lip products (lipsticks, glosses, multi-purpose cream…) added over time.

Dr. Hauschka’s (many different) natural lipsticks

In Europe, Dr. Hauschka is one of the main natural beauty brands. They use natural, organic or wild harvested ingredients. When living in Europe, this as my go-to brand for natural, organic lipstick! They are rather widely available in all sorts of local health-food and drug stores, which is as convenient as it gets. Also, they make a few different types of lipstick, so whichever type of lipstick you’re in need of, you’ll likely to find something good within their range.

My favorite ones are the thinner, black lipsticks. They are contained within the tube, you don’t push them out entirely like a classic lipstick, but just “up”, like a chapstick – if that makes sense. The consistence is real luscious and nourishing, the colors are great, and the ease of use is just perfect to prevent messes, bending or breaking.

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