Natural & Organic Skin Care Recipes

Lovely homemade skin care recipes with as much natural and organic ingredients as possible, that’s what we’re going for here!

Complex organic skin care products, formulated by professionals, are hard to fabricate on the kitchen counter, but the more simple ones are very do-able to create at home.


Have You Got the Homemade-Gene?

Of course, making your own skin care is not for everybody. You need to spend the time and you need to (at least somewhat) enjoy the activity. Kind of like cooking – some people just love it, while others simply prefer to do other things. In that case, it’s good to know which natural skin care brands are on the market. You will find info on many wonderful ready-made products with natural and organic ingredients all throughout this website.


Let’s Start Blending

Making your own organic skin care recipes is a good way to economize, while still indulging natural, organic skin care. The best organic skin care products are pricey, compared to generic, supermarket stuff. Making a few basics at home is a great way to save money when you’re on a budget. Some natural, organic skin care products that are easy to make yourself are body balm, body butter, scrubs, massage oil and lip balm, just to name a few. In making some of those basics yourself, you can save a lot of money. Which then leaves you more to spend on your favorite professional products, right? (At the moment, mine are Annmarie Gianni’s delicious facial oils or Earth Mama Angel Baby’s body lotion!)


Organic Skin Care Recipes {Overview} Homemade Galore!


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These are surprisingly efficient and non-toxic.


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Where To Find Supplies?


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