Organic Mascara + Organic Eyeshadow

Organic Mascara and organic eyeshadow are important.

Long before my skin started showing signs of unhappiness with the regular skin care products I was using, my eyes would grow red and itchy after the application of makeup. For a long time I assumed the discomfort was just part of wearing something close to the eyes. Running around looking like a rabbit with myxomatosis was just what had to happen, if I wanted to look pretty from a little further away – end of story.

So wrong! Eye irritation is not inevitable if you want to wear makeup. And what a relief it was, once I found makeup that did not interfere with the comfort of my eyes.

I believe the products we apply around our eyes qualify as the most needed ones to be made with clean and healthy ingredients. Even when your body doesn’t give you any indication what so ever that the ingredients in your skin care products aren’t doing all that much good, the eyes will usually show it immediately. Tearing, redness, bloodshot eyes or itching can all be ways in which your eyes express their disapproval of your mascara or eyeshadow.

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