Why Choose Organic Hair Care?

Why would you make the conscious choice to use only natural, organic hair care?

To answer that question, you need to know what’s ‘wrong’ with regular hair care.

Most main-stream hair care products (more specifically: their ingredients) have been linked to a number of issues, concerning the health of our body and of the environment.

After realizing this, I’ve cleared out my bathroom from these products with harsh and toxic chemicals. It has been an interesting journey, trying to divert to natural, organic hair products instead.

As committed as I am to all things natural, organic and sustainable, I’m not willing to make sacrifices in the area of a glamorous look & feel, as far as my hair is concerned. That’s where the journey has been a bit of a challenge at times.

Not all natural and organic hair care products (especially shampoos) perform equally well, but discovering a few true gems has made it all worth-wile!


Grim Bubbles & Noxious Lather

So, about those harsh shampoo-ingredients.

Did you know… a distinction is made between ingredients and amounts of chemicals allowed in personal care products which remain on the skin (like creams) and the ones that are rinsed off (like body wash and shampoo)?

In other words, the FDA & co. assess whether a toxin or the dosage of a certain toxic chemical is safe enough to be left on your skin all day. If not, it can and will still be allowed in the stuff we flush through the drain, like shampoo. Yuck. Rubbing poison on your skin is not okay, but washing your hair with it apparently is a different story. Isn’t that interesting? Petrochemicals and synthetics are much cheaper to acquire for the beauty industry than real, live plant based ingredients. The consumer ends up with a myriad of hair care products, composed of harsh detergents, synthetic fragrances, colorants and silicones (which is basically plastic) in a mixture of petrochemicals and other cheap fillers. These ingredients have no place in all-natural organic hair care, no matter whether they are washed off of not. Some have been linked to cancer and reproductive problems. Some are reputed for stripping away the scalp’s natural protective barrier, causing issues such as itching, dandruff and eczema.

On a more general note, if you think warmly of the environment, the ocean and it’s fauna and flora, there’s another reason to commit to all-natural & organic shampoo. Detergents and other synthetic ingredients are not only harsh to the small eco-systems on our heads, their accumulation in ground water also pollutes the bigger ones throughout the natural world.

Toxic chemicals in personal care products are slowly but surely polluting the oceans. Even though the amount of toxic ingredients in regular shampoo is relatively small – with ALL the people taking their daily shower and ALL those small amounts of chemicals, it adds up.

How to find great organic hair care?

Making this as easy as possible for you is exactly the reason behind building this website. After learning about all the harmful side-effects of ingredients widely used in personal care products, not only have I detoxified my own house and bathroom, I simply can’t resist writing about it. Because this is information everyone should be aware of!

In the reviews section, I share my (hairy) experiences with regular & organic hair care products. Not all natural organic hair products on the market seem to be performing equally well. For some candid user experiences with the star products from the organic beauty isle, but also the disappointing ones and everything in between gallop this way please!

My absolute favorite brands when it comes to organic hair care?

First off, let me warn you that I have rather high standards. The only products I believe deserve to be called “the best” are those made with natural ingredients from organic agriculture, not linked to any health risks and most importantly, they need to work well. The best organic hair care products should offer great performance, be a pleasure to use and show a clean and green ingredient list reflecting the company’s eco-friendly ethics.

  • Miessence makes some of the best organic hair care on the market today.
  • Aubrey Organics is really great too, and the products are overall more affordable.
  • Last but not least, at Just Natural Organic Skin Care you can find an impressively large selection of natural hair products – there’s something for every possible hair type, including specific issues!
  • Harder to find perhaps, but also very nice are the European brands Weleda and Dr. Hauschka.

Many other natural and organic hair care products out there are a step in the right direction from the conventional stuff. They may still contain a few chemicals, mostly preservatives, but aren’t as harsh as the regular brands. A great place to start, if for whatever reason you can’t access the top-notch products. Nature’s Gate, Yes to Carrots, Avalon Organics, Desert Essence and Jason Natural are a few examples.

What do you think about organic hair care? Do you have a favorite brand or product? We’d love to know!

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