Fine Lines Under Eyes: Which Natural Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creams Can Help?

Fine lines under eyes, be gone…!  Let’s put a spell on those lines and wrinkles, whether they’re just starting or a bit more established.  When it comes to chemical-free skin care products to work some magic around the eyes, these natural and organic skin care products are my top choices.

Now, as much as we all believe magic is real (or at least want to believe, right?), putting a spell on time itself seems to be a work in progress still.  While the wizards busy themselves figuring out how to pause time, right now our best shot to combat fine lines, wrinkles and aging consists of three things:

  • enough sleep
  • healthy food & water intake
  • potent anti-aging skin care with the best ingredients to reduce lines and wrinkles

Say Hello to: Fine Lines under Eyes, All New & Yours to Keep

Fine lines under eyes are one of the first signs of aging, because the skin around the eyes is thin and most fragile.

I have been a skin care junkie since my early teenage years and started using eye creams long before this would actually be considered “useful” in terms of age.  Funny, right?

About three years ago though, I started noticing some actual fine lines under my eyes.  Well, darn’ it.  You know, the lines that used to be part of a smile, but suddenly seem to have established themselves as a stand-alone feature of your face.  Nobody invited them, but it looks like they’re here to stay nonetheless.  Even though most little lines are barely even noticeable by others at first, it is one of those things that once observed, you just can’t un-notice them.

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Quite a valid reason to revive one’s ongoing interest in effective eye care products, right?

If only there were such a thing as “magic in a jar”.

Instead, dermatologists, super models and other skin-hip folks often emphasize how no cream can really beat the impact of proper sleep and hydration. Whether it be to smooth out fine lines under eyes, or in other area’s of the face, a good night’s rest and the famous eight glasses of water a day are crucial. As far as the magic goes, these are without a doubt the best things to do to minimize the effects of time on your skin, especially on the more vulnerable area around the eyes.

The Best Natural Eye Care Products for Fine Lines under Eyes

While my own experience drastically confirms the above in regards to sleep and water, a great (natural, and preferably also organic) eye cream is absolutely not useless.  Quite the contrary, as an additional ally, it can do very good things!  Just don’t expect to walk around chronically sleep deprived and dehydrated, while blaming your eye cream for not picking up the pieces.  (Such as to lift those battered eyelids by half an inch and magically erase fine lines under eyes.)

With realistic expectations, let’s take a look at the overall performance, ingredients of some of my favorite eye care finds to prevent and smooth out those fine lines under eyes.  Since I like my skin care to be natural and preferably also made with some organic ingredients, I’ve been digging around to find out which natural, organic eye cream and serums are the best, and don’t contain too many synthetic ingredients, if at all.

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Best Natural Eye Creams ( + One Serum! )

Trilogy Eye Cream

Very impressed with how well my eyes tolerated this cream.  No itching, no watery eyes, even when applying it up close.

Trilogy Serum Q10

While all the above remains true, the trilogy serum is pretty amazing. Somehow it appears to have the ability to tighten and smooth out the skin around my eyes a little, even when I haven’t been drinking and/or sleeping enough.

Find it on Amazon or LoveLula.

Annmarie Gianni

Madara Time Miracle

Even though the Time Miracle eye cream adds a nice discrete glow right away, I’d say the effects are a bit more long term.

100% Pure Caffeine Eye Cream

For an extended list with even more of the best natural eye creams, continue to: Wrinkles Under Eyes: Best Natural Eye Creams.