Is Madara cruelty-free and vegan?

is madara cruelty free vegan natural organic

Yes! Madara is a cruelty-free skincare brand from Latvia, a small country in the Baltic. Many of their products are vegan, but not all.

Created with lots of wonderful plant extracts, Madara is not only a great cruelty-free choice, but also one of the best organic skincare lines.

Make no mistake, though… While being natural, Madara has little in common with the average, basic, I-could-make-this-in-my-own-kitchen-like-any-self-respecting-modern-hippie-would type of natural skincare products. (Such as most of these cruelty-free deodorants, for example.)

The products are made with natural ingredients, many of which organic, under the scrutinizing looks and analysis of scientific researchers. Combining the best of both worlds, nature and science, Madara bring us high-end cruelty-free skincare that packs a punch.


Madara Skincare products are accredited by the ecocert label. Ecocert is a quite stringent European certification for natural skincare products. It guarantees a certain percentage of natural and/or organic ingredients.

Is Madara skincare vegan?

We touched upon it in the intro: As a company, Madara is not vegan. Lanolin is used in the daily defense ultra rich balm. Beeswax is part of the lip balms, deep moisture fluid, creamy baby oil, and any product with SPF.

As long as you don’t mind supporting a cruelty-free skincare brand that isn’t fully vegan, all Madara’s other products should be suitable for vegans.

Personal experience with Madara products

Most Madara skincare products I’ve tried are excellent. Current favorites include the entire time miracle range (day, night and eyes), the micellar water and the SOS Instant Moisture Radiance mask. Least impressive is the moonflower tinting fluid – here’s why.

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These preferences are very personal and your experience can of course be vastly different.

My very first contact with Madara skincare products was a few years back. I got a few samples of the “Time Miracle” line. Hard to determine any long term effects from a sample, but what amazed me most was the fact that my skin seemed to drink it all up faster than I could apply. That, and the fascinating fragrance reminding of freshly cut grass. Something good was happening here, and I ended up purchasing full sizes.

Madara has implemented a packaging redesign since. They also regularly come out with new skincare products. For lovers of highly professional, cutting edge, natural/organic and animal-friendly beauty, Madara is definitely a cruelty-free skincare brand worth keeping an eye on.

Madara Skincare Reviews

Here are some individual Madara product reviews.

Have you tried any of these, or others? What are your Madara favorites?