Homemade Deodorant Recipe

This homemade deodorant recipe has been working like a charm for me ever since the first try-outs. I have been using it every day and a little goes a long way. No matter how busy the day gets with work, school, household tasks, partying, shopping or car cleaning – no smell of sweat. That’s actually more than I’ve ever been able to expect from a regular, commercial deodorant or antiperspirant.


Actually… a VEGAN homemade deodorant recipe

In this recipe there’s no beeswax, just soy wax. I suppose this will make vegans happy!

Scent-free armpits all day long, without the health risks that come with using aluminium or other nasty chemicals in commercial deodorants. The scent in this homemade deodorant comes from natural essential oil. Keep it simple and use a little peppermint or spearmint essential oil or go all out and create your own special perfumed homemade deodorant recipe with a personal blend of natural essential oils.


The special homemade deodorant recipe texture

A small word on the consistancy of this homemade deodorant recipe, which may take some getting used to. The mixture can be poured into a jar or tin right after making. It will look too thin, but will solidify within a few hours. As a result you’ll have a nice, thick and creamy homemade deodorant. It can then be spread out under the arms, on the skin of the armpits. You only need about a peanut-sized dab per side.

In a warmer, tropical climate, this formula will probably turn out to be too runny. Adjusting the ratio of wax and oil will be needed, until you have a useful homemade deodorant recipe for your part of the world! I’m happy to help balancing out the ratio’s, just leave me a message.


  • Soy wax: 3 tablespoons/16 grams
  • Arrowroot powder: 9 tablespoons/45 grams
  • Baking soda: 9 tablespoons/108 grams
  • Shea butter: 1 1/2 tablespoons/14 grams
  • Coconut oil: 4 tablespoons/35 grams
  • Hemp oil: 4 tablespoons/35 grams
  • Spearmint or Peppermint essential oil: 30 drops



In a double boiler, melt the soy wax and coconut oil.

Mix the arrowroot powder with the baking soda. Set aside.

When soy wax and coconut oil are completely liquid, take off the fire and add hemp oil and shea butter. If lumps form (because the newly added ingredients cool off the warm ones) put back on to the heat (of the double boiler) for 30 seconds to warm up. Shea butter gets grainy when heated too much and hemp oil looses its nutritional value, so make sure not to let the mixture get very hot.

Scoop spoons of the powder-mixture into the oil and wax mixture and smooth out lumps with the back side of a spoon. When about half of the powder mixture is mixed with the rest, add essential oil(s). Then add the rest of the powder mix, mix well and pour or scoop into jars.

Let the homemade deodorant recipe cool down and solidify before use. It should have a thick, creamy texture and be easy to spread.


Note: The hemp oil in this recipe can stain light colored & white clothes. Personally, I enjoy the green color (to change from the many shades of creamy white) and just wear this deodorant with darker clothing. The hemp oil can easily be replaced by a more neutral carrier oil, for example sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Especially fractionated coconut oil is known for not staining fabric.

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