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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, organic skin care was simply what you gathered from nature. People started mixing plants, oils and herbal extracts. Creative as they were, they also explored other ingredients, from egg white and milk to crocodile poo, blood and animal fat. (Ahem, they weren’t vegan, that’s for sure.)

Times changed, and all that smelly stuff became sò 300 BC. Women now powdered their faces with led, arsenic and deadly nightshade. Then, in a small country called France, people suddenly decided red was the new white. Ain’t that progressive. So where did this color red meet with the good ol’ led, arsenic and mercury? In a lipstick!

ID-10079269Times changed even more. Somebody took a closer look at the gooey black substance bubbling up from the ground. Built himself a chemical lab and got to work. Turned out, the sticky goo could be changed, changed a lot, and changed some more. And it was cheap, so unbelievable cheap… This stuff we can use, for lotions, potions, bubbles and beauty, he thought.

Jackpot! We got ourselves a business.

A new era was born. Now, people made all sorts of creams, jellies and makeup from the black goo. Since it wouldn’t go bad any time soon, entire warehouses were filled with little pots of goo.

ID-10025726They made the goo look creamy white, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, orange, pink, brown or black. Made it smell like roses, or peaches, or coconut… but it really was all the same goo. That black stuff could also run trucks and boats and plains, and even de-ice their windows when neccessary. People made a lot of money selling cheap goo, they even killed for it (but that’s a different story).

The sticky black substance had started to live it’s own life.

People noticed that once changed, the goo couldn’t be changed back. It was in people’s homes, in their kitchens, the food, the bathtubs and on people’s faces. In the form of sticky goo, in the form of a plastic tub, or in the form of many tiny little pieces you couldn’t even see with your bare eye. Let alone catch. In the soil, in the water, in people’s bodies. It. Was. Everywhere. They started thinking… ‘But wait, what happens, if after we’re done with the goo, we can’t get rid of it?’


At last, some smart people decided it was about time to be done with those silly, poisonous beauty rituals. They realized the black goo was looking all pink and sweet only because people had made it that way. It had made them a lot of money. Good for them, but now it was time to leave the sticky black stuff. If something is bad for your health ànd overstays it’s welcome by centuries, who would want to use that anyways?

Smelling good and looking pretty was what the people wanted now, but not without having a strong, healthy body and clean water around them.

So, they took another good look at the plants and smiled. Because it was all right there. And it had been the whole time.

That is the story of organic skin care.


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