Top 3 Natural Baby Gifts in Skincare: They’re Useful, Delicious, and Adorable!

natural baby gifts

Can you picture yourself melting everyone’s hearts at the next baby shower with a set of eco-conscious, cruelty-free baby skincare? The best natural baby products – in addition to performing better than conventional ones – also make the perfect natural baby gifts for little ones. Well, for their parents, but still.

Gift giving is just one of the fun things to do with these cute baby care lines. If you have a baby of your own, there’s probably no one you’d rather get something yummy for. And there’s really no excuse needed to pick out some bath time treats to pamper your own baby.

It’s not as if they’ll notice, but can we ever start too young instilling good values of kindness to animals and respect for the environment? This stuff checks all the right boxes. Even if mini-me doesn’t have much of an opinion about it yet, it’s nice to make ourselves feel good in our heart space.

Natural Baby Products: a Key Advantage

Natural baby products aren’t just better for sensitive skin and free from synthetic and/or toxic ingredients. They’re also typically not tested on animals.

With the arrival of baby, it was very important to me to keep using as many ethical products as possible, and find the best cruelty-free skincare for little ones.

Aside from being cruelty-free, a big pet-peeve (no pun intended) in our household is natural, organic skincare. Luckily, natural baby products are usually not tested on animals.

All these baby care lines are strictly cruelty-free (did you know Johnson & Johnson still participates in horrible and unnecessary cosmetic testing on animals?) and made with natural ingredients instead of petroleum derived synthetics.

No Going Back

Animal testing is super sad and outdated. The good news is that for a new parent who wants to make ethical, cruelty-free choices, there are many options. 

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I hope you’ll find something useful here. It is my (growing) experience that natural baby products are simply better than regular ones. Both more pleasant to use, and more effective at preventing or healing basic skin issues.

It isn’t just me, though. There are tons of reviews and testimonials all over the web from parents who found in natural skincare the solution to their kids’ sensitive “problem” skin or eczema. The general consensus is that once you go natural, you won’t want to go back!

Natural, Organic Ingredients for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Making a quick loop back to the gift-giving: Eco-conscious parents will be over the moon with a natural choice instead of the mainstream stuff, which contains synthetic ingredients and petrochemicals. It’s probably the only baby skincare they’ll actually use. (Speaking from experience here. We’ve offloaded a good amount of gifted Desitin tubes and regular baby products. Appreciated the thought, but… yikes.)

With the following selection of ideas, it won’t be hard to surprise the lucky recipient(s) with a little originality. “Wow” them with some less common, but all the more adorable natural baby products.

If it is for your own little one you’re browsing, maybe you’re wondering where to start. Which of these are the best natural baby products?

The answer to that is tricky. The following brands are all ready good. After that, just like in any other department, things are a matter of taste and personal preference. Everyone is different! With the various textures and scents involved, personal taste is a deciding factor. It may take some trial and error to find your own favorites, or the products that agree most with baby’s skin.

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Top 3 Favorite Baby Skincare

1. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Some of Aurelia’s products are registered with the Vegan Society. As a brand, Aurelia is not vegan, because the probiotics used are of animal (milk) origin. They use probiotics derived from a cruelty-free milk protein in most of the range. This does make Aurelia Skincare a cruelty-free skincare brand.

As for the remaining ingredients Aurelia uses, these are mainly ethically sourced natural, organic and wild harvested plant and flower botanicals. Aurelia’s skin care, as well as their baby line, has a luxury vibe. This is what the little Aurelia line looks like:

natural baby products little aurelia 2

How dreamy is that? I know the cute little drawings don’t have much of a practical use, but it sure looks adorable. Hard to resist including a peek at the official web page in full Christmas glory.

official website little aurelia 3

2. Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama Organics used to be called Earth Mama Angel Baby. This brand is a company focused on moms and babies. No regular skin care lines here, however they do also make herbal teas and recently added a natural deodorant to the line.

earth mama angel baby new style

I am distraught to see the promotional pictures of naked moms & babies with angel wings have been replaced by a generic natural skincare vibe.


Those photographs of babies dressed up with little angel wings were the cutest. Who advised to ditch the previous graphics? #Fail. It appears the brand decided to grow up and they’ve quite literally grown out of their cuteness in the process.

Thankfully, nothing on the web is ever truly gone. The old pictures are still floating around, so here you go: cuteness overdose.

earth mama angel baby old style 1
earth mama angel baby old style 2

The baby balm is still exactly the same and works like before. I’ve recently repurchased and all is well on that end.

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Oh, one more thing! The occasional reviewer who isn’t (yet) hip to the properties of certain natural balms leaves a negative review on Amazon. You might see people complaining about the crystallizing of Shea butter and thinking the balm has spoiled or even grown mold.

That’s not the case! Shea butter can form little white pearls in the balm. It’s a change in texture, which can be due to changing temperatures.

So if you see light-colored speckles in the balm, don’t worry – these melt easily upon contact with the skin. And definitely don’t let it deter you from trying this balm. It is worth a thousand tubes of the (in)famous Desitin and so. much. better. Heals everything on the little bums in my care.

3. Alaffia Baby Coconut Strawberry Bathing Set

The cute Alaffia bathing set in dreamy Strawberry and Coconut I have yet to try. But it has a full five stars from over fifty reviews, which says something!

We have used other products (hand soap, lotion) from Alaffia and they were great. This will be my next one in line for the little ones. Can’t wait.

5 Other Natural Baby Care Lines to Check Out

If you’re in a browsing mood, here are six more great natural skin care brands with baby stuff.