Sugar scrub recipes with essential oils

Sugar scrub recipes with essential oils bring a little bit of magic into the bathroom. The best part (besides using them) is that they are the absolute easiest homemade natural skin care product to throw together. You seriously won’t know the difference between your own delicious sugar scrub recipes with essential oils and those used in a high-end spa.

The most exclusive spa’s are aware of all the benefits of using essential oils. The good news is: a luxury aromatherapy body scrub recipe can be made and used at home. Some very simple ingredients (as used in the basic body scrub recipes) you probably have in the kitchen pantry can be turned into a delicate home-spa bathroom treat with the help of natural essential oils.

Aromatherapy sugar scrub recipes, for body & mind

Many store-bought body scrubs contain cheap, synthetic fragrances. Why would you want to turn to synthetic (& often toxic) chemicals, if you can have real, natural essential oils? They smell wonderful, have an uplifting or calming effect on the body and will help stress go out the window.

Pure essential oils work both in aromatic and in other ways to give us a feeling of general well-being. They aren’t simply a pleasure for the nose, but can also influence our mood, whether it be relax tension and nervousness or revive and uplift the spirit.

As if that weren’t enough, essential oils have medicinal properties too. They can reduce inflammation, kill germs, heal wounds or scars, balance skin problems and fight aging. Not that every essential oils does all of these things, but they each have their properties and the list of qualms that may be relieved with one or more essential oils is endless.

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These various healing abilities make natural essential oils a great asset for aromatherapy skin care. While essential oils are medicinal and often used with great success to treat issues – including skin issues – I’d like to point out that a scrub is not to be used on wounds or areas with other skin problems! This is not due to the essential oil, though. The roughness of the sugar (or salt) and the scrubbing action itself is the the reason sugar scrub recipes should be used on healthy skin only.

Sugar scrub recipes with citrus oils

Fresh Hippie Sugar Scrub with Citrus Essential Oils & Patchouli

  • White granulated sugar – 2 cups (1 as is and 1 ground in a coffee grinder for a minute)
  • Sweet almond oil – about 1/2 cup (or until desired consistancy is reached)
  • Hemp seed oil – 2 tablespoons (for a lovely green color)
  • Essential oils of lime (2 drops) bergamot (3 drops) lemon (1 drop) patchouli (1 drop)

Tuscan Dreams Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils of Tangerine & Lavender

  • White granulated sugar 2 cups, all finely ground in a coffee grinder
  • Sweet Almond oil 1/2 cup (or until desired consistancy is reached)
  • Jojoba oil 2 tablespoons
  • Essential oils of tangerine (5 drops) and lavender (2 drops)

For both the sugar scrub recipes listed above, mix the sugar with the oil in a bowl. Do not add all the oil at once, just little by little until you reach the consistency you like. Work out lumps with a fork.

When to add the essential oils to the sugar scrub?

First thing – The easiest way to get your essential oils blended into the mixture well and evenly is to add them to the carrier oil first.  Of course, this also means that if you end up not using all of your oil mixture, because the sugar scrub is “wet” enough at a certain point, your leftover will be scented, and not pure. It doesn’t need to go to waste though, the oil leftover may just be a perfect body oil as is, or you can play around with it some more until it is!

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At the end – Option two would be to add the blend of essential oils at the end. Once the carrier oil is blended with the sugar and you’ve reached the consistency you like, disperse the amount of drops in random places throughout the sugar scrub… and blend some more. Be sure to mix well and long enough, so the essential oils get diluted properly. This second way, a bit more time stirring is spent stirring, but if any carrier oil remains unused, it will still be “neutral”.


  1. im wondering how long this will stay good for? wont the sugar melt?

    1. Hi Jessica, great question!

      I haven’t experienced the sugar melting, not right away and not over time. Here’s funny story about a very old homemade sugar scrub. One of the first batches of sugar scrub I made, I gifted to a friend – nicely packaged in a cute jar and all. 🙂 She was dreaming away over some fancy $50 scrubs and I wanted to show her it was very doable to blend your own. Since the mixture contained no water, I didn’t mention anything to her about how long it would stay good for, figuring she’d use it within weeks, a couple of months at most. To my shock and horror, she mentioned still having it, and using little bits regularly, more than a year later! At that point, I was worried she’d gotten water in the jar over time, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, and summoned her to throw it out. She didn’t understand what the fuss was about, still perfectly happy with her scrub. I’ve never kept any of mine that long 😉 so I may just need to put a batch aside for the sake of experimenting.

      Off the top of my head, I’m really not sure why sugar isn’t prone to melting in cold oil. If you were to use warm/hot oil or water, it would most definitely melt. Let me get back to you on that. Also, let me know how your sugar scrub turns out if you make one! 🙂

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