Whipped Shea Butter Recipe (Fast & Simple)

This is an easy, result-oriented way to make your own whipped Shea butter recipe.

Most body butter recipes and body cream recipes that involve whipping Shea butter (or other vegetable butters) start with telling you to melt the ingredients in a double boiler. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for this whipped body cream recipe, I’m going at it in a slightly different way. This method explains how to whip up a body cream, not after heating and melting the components, but by just using them as is – cold, solid, immediately!

Why start a whipped Shea butter recipe with solid, unmelted Shea butter?

There is no sure way to know how creamy and how thick a whipped Shea butter recipe will turn out. Too many variables! Climate, season, temperature… It’s always a bit of a guess. Unless of course, you have created your very own, perfect whipped Shea butter recipe, by trial and error, with the exact proportions of butter and oil to work best in your geographic location and median temperature.

A lot of experimenting with whipped Shea butter recipes in different climates and seasons, made me remelt and remelt my mixtures, adding more oil or more butter before going through the endless cooling and whipping process once again. It’s time-consuming and on top of that, your batch ends up getting bigger and bigger. Not the desired result. If you planned on doing something different with those ingredients, it’s a bummer to see your stash of butters and oils shrink so fast!


A whipped Shea butter recipe without melting has the following advantages:

  1. Whipping butter and oil cold gives instant control of the final texture of your whipped body cream recipe.
  2. Heating up certain vegetable oils effects their properties, so in using them cold, you’re saving the benefits of a cold pressed vegetable oil for your skin.
  3. Essential oils, for both skin care and a lovely, natural fragrance, are just as sensitive to heat. Essential oils can be added at any time, since the mixture doesn’t need to cool down first – again, without the risk of loosing (some) therapeutic properties.
  4. There’s also a practical side to not needing heat. No microwave, stove or double boiler required for putting together a whipped body cream recipe this way.
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Cold whipped body cream recipe – How to proceed?


  • Vegetable butter(s) and oil(s)
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • Large bowl and electrical blender (or kitchen machine)
  • Spatula
  • Jar, to store the whipped body cream recipe

Make sure the Shea butter is at room temerature, a bit warmer is even better.

Put the amount of Shea butter, mango butter or other vegetable butter in a large bowl. Using a large bowl is important because blending oil and hard butter can splash in the beginning! Make sure the bowl is nice and high, to catch splatters.

Add a little bit of the vegetable oil (or oil blend) of your choice and start mixing with a hand mixer on the lowest speed. Proceed real slow, carefully placing the moving mixers on top of the lump(s) of Shea butter and pressing down to ‘ break them up’ .

Gradually the oil will incorporate and the mixture will become more homogenous and creamy. As you can see how it’s turning out right away, just add oil and keep blending until the desired consistency is reached. Make sure to mix very well after adding essential oils. They need to be completely mixed in, to avoid undiluted appilcation to the skin.

Transfer the whipped body cream recipe into a clean jar for use. Use a spatula where possible, to get every bit out of the bowl. Avoid contact with hands/fingers, not only for hygiene, but also because the body cream will melt upon skin contact.

Now… with the method described above, it doesn’t matter if you are in the tropics or in Iceland, if it’s summer or winter, you just go with the flow and adapt the amount of oil in a whipped body cream recipe until it’s perfect.

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Where to find Organic Shea Butter?

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