Why buy organic skin care products, if you can make your own?

Indeed, there are many recipes for homemade organic skin care products available. All it takes to turn natural recipes into organic skin care products is the choice of organic ingredients when making them. The result will be your own, homemade natural, organic skin care. If you buy (small kind) “bulk size” of some good, organic ingredients and blend them together, homemade organic skin care can be a lot more cost-economical than store-bought.

Does that leave us with any reasons at all to still go for the ready-made professional organic skin care?

As much as I enjoy making my own all-natural and organic skin care, I believe there are a few reasons to buy products as well. Let’s have a look.

ID-1001317481. Making organic skin care products takes time.

Time is going so fast already! We all have endless to-do lists. It makes total sense if you don’t have enough time left in day for the brewing of your own mixtures.

A much better option for busy times is to get ready-made beauty supplies form a trusted organic skin care brand. Did I say busy times? I meant busy lives!


2. Some organic skin care recipes are fairly easy to put together. Others not so much.

It can be rewarding to make certain recipes at home, for fun, but still complete your selection with some of the best organic skin care products, suitable for your skin type. These include basics like organic shampoo as well as the more sophisticated skin care products and organic makeup.

To make some basic organic skin care recipes, you are well on your way with a bit of organic beeswax, shea butter or cocoa butter, one carrier oil and a couple of essential oils. These few ingredients will allow you to make perfectly lovely lip balms, body butters (which I also love to use on the face!) and healing salves.

The complexity of the best organic skin care products, formulated by professionals, is hard to match on the kitchen counter. Without a science major – just your (freakin’ awesome!) cooking and baking skills. These products usually contain a bit more than just the basic natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, butters or beeswax in the form of a long list of natural, organic plant extracts.


3. Homemade skin care can turn out cheaper… or more expensive!

Even if you know exactly what to do with 37 different botanical extracts, how would your wallet feel about having to purchase all the ingredients individually, just to use a pinch of each one and see the rest go bad before you can possibly use them up?

Together with more complex formulations (which often contain some perishable ingredients) comes the need for proper preservation. It is possible to add some chemicals to your homemade creations to inhibit bacterial growth, but if you’re looking for all-natural, organic skin care products, chances are you have no interest in contaminating your skin care with commonly used preservatives.

Professional organic skin care lines go out of their way to present us with naturally preserved products, by applying the most high-end, complex and patented preservation systems. Without chemicals, is that really possible? Yes, when companies are willing to put in the effort and are dedicated enough to investigate natural solutions. Irreproachable hygiene and a sterile environment in the form of a certified lab is hereby indispensable.

The best organic skin care products are created with professionalism, research, skills and knowledge that are very hard to equal at home. The complexity of their formulations, with many botanical ingredients, is a good reason to buy organic skin care products. They allow our skin to benefit from the properties of many different precious plant extracts. At a fair price. Without the hassle.


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