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ID-10010768Attending to our facial skin with a daily routine and the occasional extra TLC feels as natural as brushing our teeth. I believe giving our face the best includes using organic face care and can’t wait to explain why!

One of the most easily seen parts of the body is the face. Often the first thing people notice about each other. The face harbors the eyes, of which we say they are the mirrors to the soul. We communicate non-verbally with a myriad of facial expressions. The amount of muscles we use in the facial area is impressive, close to or over fifty, depending on how you count.

The face being the most prominent feature of a person, and the fact that it is usually uncovered, means our facial skin is always exposed to the elements. Sun, wind, rain, cold… A good reason to take good care of it, to give our face the best possible treatment and support it throughout the different stages of our life.

It is for those obvious reasons that there are so many face care products on the market.

How often have you jumped at the latest ‘invention’ when it comes to skin care products?

I know I have – a lot. The latest technology, a miraculous wonder for fighting wrinkles, or pimples, and (finally) beating time or other skin issues, it sounds so tempting, doesn’t it?

Only after beginning to look into the ingredients in face care products, I started realizing that skin care is brought to us by an industry, defined by the drive to make lots of money. An industry which does not necessarily have our skin’s best interest or our health at the top of its priority list. Actually, the skin care industry has many other things to be concerned with.

It’s a BIG business.

Their goal is to create products with a very long shelf life and a high profit margin. The strategy consists of using cheap ingredients, lots of fillers, stabilizers and harsh preservatives. It took me some time to realize that the companies with these priorities do not have our skin’s best interest in mind.

ID-10097518The sad truth is: The less a skin care product costs to make, the more you can sell it for, the better. The longer before a product goes bad, the more time you have to sell it, the better.

Needless to say, at first I was shocked and could barely believe it. My face was clearly not happy with the products I used in my daily skin care routine. The decision to switch to using only natural, organic face care products stemmed from both neccessity and from taking an interest in the long-term health risks of many widely used ingredients. It took months… but finally the recurring rashes disappeared, for good. I’ve experienced how much good natural, plant-based ingredients can do to the skin. When you’re as passionate about natural, organic face care products as I came to be, you can’t help but wanting to tell others!

We don’t need to accept what the industry is trying to ‘feed’ us. The glamour and beauty of computer-enhanced portraits in glossy magazines and commercials are selling a virtual image, having very little to do with the actual product. The healing properties of oils and botanical extracts are truly amazing. ID-10022071Some people (including skin care ‘experts’) strongly hold on to the idea that synthetic ingredients are safer than natural substances and not in the least bad for us. I’ve been on a detox-mission for quite a while and my personal experience has led me to believe otherwise. After switching to natural organic face care products, my skin started looking so much better. It has turned me into a firm believer in all-natural & organic face care products.

The good news is that there are some wonderful natural organic face care lines.

If you have skin problems and the regular stuff doesn’t seem to be working for you, why not try the all-natural route? By the way, I love hearing green beauty talk from like-minded people and sharing experiences – contact me here.

Making some of your own natural organic skin care can be an awesome adventure. If you’re into blending, check out the recipes main page.

Scroll on down for tips on the best organic face care how to take care of your skin the natural way, without synthetic chemicals or browse the reviews at the bottom of this page to find out what would be the best organic face care for your skin.


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