Organic Skin Care Reviews (& others, too!)

For the critical 21st century hippie that I am, it’s a real blast to write reviews about the regular and organic skin care products crossing my path.

As you can probably imagine, I can’t help myself but to try stuff from the growing selection of organic skin care lines on the market! When you discover a potion that is truly magical, you simply need to share your enthusiasm with others… or you might risk to spontaneously combust with burning enthusiasm. Besides, it would be egoistic to keep such good news to yourself, wouldn’t it?

On the other hand, being really enthusiastic about skin care, hair care or cosmetics is not the only reason to write a review. Sometimes a product looks like it’s natural and organic, but nothing could be more wrong. It has been effectively marketed and ‘greenwashed’ by the manufacturer. With the sole purpose of catching your eye. Don’t be fooled, you eager organic shopper out there! The elegant vine of green leaves on a bottle is (fairly often) just a facade. So that’s another thing I’m real passionate about: wandering through skin care jungle with my magnifying glass a la Sherlock Holmes. Reading the small print. Because seriously – the era of the gullible consumer is completely oldfangled, right!?

natural organic skin care line

As with most things, the organic skin care world isn’t black and white. Many organic skin care products aren’t either totally awesome or atrociously horrible (tautology intended). There are so many creams, shampoo’s, mascara’s and other personal care lotions and potions on the market… Not that much real organic ones, but a whole lot more when counting those with one or two organic ingredients. In the process of finding the very best ones, I’ve given a boatload of regular/natural/organic skin care products (and everyting in between) a try.

Hopefully the different aspects of these items that stood out to me can provide you with a little heads-up. The reviews cover a product’s packaging, texture, scent and ingredients, as well as my personal likes and dislikes.

Now for those of you with little time to read more, you might want to know right away which organic skin care stands out to me as the very best. Well, I do love a no-nonsense, straight to the point approach! Don’t try to make sense of this scenario, but if for some strange reason I absolutely had to tell the world about the best organic skin care in just one tweet, it would simply say:

“Conscious organic skin care with noticeable results & irresistible fragrances. Annmarie Gianni skin care is as genius as it is enchanting.”

Obviously, a review is simply an opinion. I’m putting mine out there and would love to hear yours. Which is why each of the individual organic skin care reviews has a space (scrolling down towards the bottom of the page) where you can share your point of view. Don’t be shy and let us know what you think. Uhm… Talking about myself in plural here? Negative! “Us” points to the readers and surfers viewing this screen. You, me, a few others. 🙂


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